Friday, 25 May 2012

Farm, Calgary

I have been known to dart back and forth between Vancouver and Edmonton while making the occasional pit stop in Calgary. Calgary offers the perfect blend of the Vancouver hipsters, with the down to earth Alberta cowboy/country vibe, while having an economy to support the self proclaimed foodie. Enough said. I had the pleasure of meeting up with some friends at Farm, on 17th ave about 3 weeks ago for my usual weekend brunch addiction. I'm not too sure if you have noticed a pattern here but I seem to enjoy the cute, and cozy type of food establishments.

We were seated promptly. We lucked out since a few tables were just leaving as we walked in (there was a line up for the duration of our time there). They served their coffee in little french presses. Always a nice touch. The staff was friendly and dropped waters off at our table right away, which magically never seemed to become empty. I had my favorite breakfast dish, Eggs Benedict, bring on the love handles! All there ingredients are delivered from local farmers. Way to support locals!

 Brunch is only served on weekends from 1030am- 2pm and they take no reservations during brunch so be prepared to wait a little while but its defiantly worth it! Their brunch menu is not online that I could see but don't worry they have many assortments to satisfy all those who enter their doors. As always I have attached the link to their home site so go ahead give it a browse!
Eggs Benny

The Break Down:
1006 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
WEEKEND BRUNCH:10:30 am to 2 pm.
no reservations for brunch, walk-in only.

Price: $12-15 per entree
Parking: 2hr parking everywhere
Wait time: approx 20-45mins
Rating: 8

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