Sunday, 27 May 2012

Fable, Kitsilano, Vancouver

From Farm to Table: I was really excited about trying this food establishment! I ran into top chef Trevor Bird at Hells Kitchen last week and he told me he just opened up a new restaurant called Fable. You can check out his story here:

Love the Decor!

Its located on west 4th in Kitsilano, Vancouver. Upon entering the decor was crisp and clean with an earthy feel. The kitchen was an open concept, which I love. Its always nice to be able to see what is being made. My partner in crime and I sat right at the bar to get in at all the action. We decided to share a few items. Eggs benny or course (Trevor convinced us to try it with smoked salmon, which is smoked in house and I did not regret this decision),  and don't worry the hollandaise sauce is made with extra virgin olive oil instead of butter! French toast with blueberry preserve which was infused with nutmeg and other spices, melt in your mouth delicious! No need for syrup. We also shared a couple of sides: pork belly bacon, which is smoked for three hours in house, served with a side of rich apple jam. Trevor threw in an extra side for us, a rosti which is a Swiss dish consisting mainly of potatoes. Hands down one of the best brunch meals I've had!

From Top Left: French toast, eggs benny, side pork belly bacon, and potato rosti
 It was great to watch Trevor make our food and also to get up to speed on his big dream! After chatting with Trevor I discovered most products he uses are from local farmers, however he does get some of his ingredients from the interior of BC. He also specified he knew how all his products were handled: meaning 100% fresh and organic!
Another fun fact: 60% of bread is currently being made in house however, he plans on making 100% in house once a system is set in place.

The Damage: You did good kid

Scrambled eggs

Trying this next time!

The Break Down:
1944 West 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC 
No website yet: this place is only a week old!
Price: $10-15 per entree
Patio: No
Parking: Meter and if you're lucky maybe 2h parking
Wait Time: No wait
Weekend Only Brunch 1030am-2pm
Rating: 10, I would go back for sure!

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